Monday, March 30, 2015

Old Favourites

These are a pair of my husbands ancient walking boots, just before he had to throw them out. After years of walking over boggy ground which is acidic, the metal eyelets started to rust, then gently disintegrate and fall off so he had to wrap the laces around them to keep them on!  The shape is beautiful and an interesting study for wet-in-wet watercolour study.

Initial wash of burnt sienna, quinacridone gold and umber and allowed to dry completely. I kept the lighter areas and then just kept applying paint wet-in-wet into the darker areas until I could do no more! Arches 300lb paper.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winter apples

Spring is slowly springing in Connemara and I can't wait to get out and sketch. The primroses, lesser celandines and dog violets have yet to show their petals, as soon as they do I'll be out with sketch pad and pencil. In the meantime I make do with indoor still life with a pair of apples!

Quinacridone gold and ultramarine blue washes wet-wet, allowed to dry then worked over again wet-in-dry. The white highlights on the apple were done with a brush wet with clear water while the paint was drying. The crucial stage to get that 'halo' is just when the shine has gone off the paint.
Arches 300lb paper.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Summer pears

While I don't have as much as time as I used to, I am really enjoying the splashy wet washes! Maybe because time is so precious that I allow myself to have more fun with painting and not get too tied up with painting a whole picture...

Initial wash with quinacridone gold and turquoise on Arches 140lb paper.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Primroses in June..

This spring, the primroses seemed to put on a fantastic display of  bigger plants with explosions of flowers, even more than usual. In Connemara, it's a harbinger of spring, like a small mound of scrambled eggs springing up in the hedgerows. The yellow petals facing towards the sun lift our hearts after a long winter.

This year, I have not had as much time to paint as I used to, but I manage to grab a few hours here and there, even if just to sketch. That's why it has taken a few months to finish a painting that was started in the spring!

Initial wash of quinacridone gold and turquoise. i have tried out Sennelier watercolour paints and they're just gorgeous. I then worked into the dry wash picking out the negative spaces and using a wet brush to pick out the veins in the leaves.

Watercolour on Arches 140lb paper.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

April wash

...more blood oranges! The wild flowers are only coming into their own now, so for the moment another blood orange wash. The daffodils have put on a gorgeous display, but for some reason I am not drawn to paint them, I have no idea why!

This wash was done using quinacridone gold, alizarin crimson, burnt sienna all added in various layers and wet into wet. I used candle wax to resist a final layer of the aliz crimson + quin gold wash to get a little more texture into the oranges. On Bockingford 140lb not paper

Monday, March 17, 2014


..and Spring is definitely in the air! The mornings & evenings are brighter, the birds are singing and tiny buds are bursting out all over the hedgerows. We got the most gorgeous blood oranges so I've used those for my march wash.

Quinacridone gold, alizarin crimson initial wash, then worked over with the same colours when dry. Lastly Quinn gold and Windsor violet for the darkest bits. Some splashes with a Quinn gold & aliz crimson wash with some watercolour pencil shavings using rough sandpaper. On Bockingford Not 200lb paper.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

February wash

Although it's still very cold and winter storms are still battering the west Atlantic Coast, I sense a small shift in the air..... The evenings are brighter for so much longer, there are tiny green shoots where the montbresia you never know, Spring might just be coming!

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