Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Killian's birthday card..

This is a watercolour of a pouting for a devout fisherman's birthday card (on bockingford paper). I had been working on a gunard, as the colouring, shape and texture looked interesting but no amount of artistic rendering could make him anymore atttractive - he really is an ugly fish! I'd never even heard or seen a pouting before but I came across the picture and was intrigued by the beautiful colouring. So here he is!


  1. It's really gorgeous Suzanne.Did you mask off certain areas and if so what way did you do it?

  2. happy birthday to killian :-)
    i don't like fish but i love your colours! take care, luv

  3. this is great actually, really like color and texture, the fish feels very much alive, well done!

  4. Thanks all for your lovely comments!
    James, I didn't mask off any areas, but washed the background with clean water and kept the fish shape dry, then worker wet into wet into the background keeping the white of the paper white for the light bits. Once that was dry, I worked into the fish using candle wax for texture and building up light washes. It was good fun! S

  5. A really beautiful water colour Suzanne. Love the dark around the eyes!


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