Friday, July 2, 2010

Some watercolours from a week watercolouring...

A whole full-time week spent in the company of other watercolourists and one fantastic teacher is a pretty wonderful summer holiday. Here are some works done this week ..
From the top: bell vine flower - inspired by the medieval herb garden in St. Audoens Church - hidden gem of Dublin with a very enthusiastic historian on hand to tell you all about it and goes right back to Cromwellian times, for added excitement.
Second is a still life of mushrooms and jug.
Third is another still life of the mushroom variety. I think my teacher is on to my mushroom thing as she brought in the still lives..


  1. you must have had a really good week suzanne all three are beautiful ..i esp like the 2 still lives

  2. Deadly stuff, really nice dept and texture in all three.

  3. Beautiful watercolours Suzanne. I love the garden in the old Church, there is always something interesting there.


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