Monday, August 30, 2010

The Dead Zoo

A great afternoon spent sketching with the Dublin Sketchers at Dublin's Natural History Museum, or rather the Dead Zoo. Recently refurbished after an unfortunate incident involving a staircase finally giving way to gravity, the 19th century collection of both native and exotic animals is tremendous. What a job they had: apparently all of the animlas were transported (two by two haha) to Holland to have the dust gently brushed off and their glassy eyes made glassier.

It was jammers yesterday with adults and kids taking in all the marvels. One of the sketchers had some beautiful drawings of poeple and kids looking upwards and taking it all in.

My eye was immediately caught by the wolf - he was just magnifcent, eyes forward and locked on his prey. The elegant and stately giraffe was beautiful to see and to try and capture. Here are mine in pencil, which I plan to work up into warercolour.

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