Sunday, October 31, 2010

Great day out with the Dublin Sketchers ( at Collins Barracks, Dublin. The museum is fantastic and there's something for everyone - from the Soldiers and Chiefs exbo for the boys and all the way through the Eileen Gray and costumes from the 17th century onwards. Being a girl an' all, of course I was drawn to the costumes and was very much taken with this gent from 1875 in his glorious garb. It was a tad dark in the museum space, so the drawing is not precise....

Note for sketchers: the "out of storage" exbo is a treasure trove with jewellry, watches,microscopes, planetariums - oh my!


  1. I am really impressed by and interested in your works...would love to see more and hope you are willing to sent me some pics by mail some day.

    Kindest regards,

  2. This blog is part of a community of other artists and the work is meant for reference and pool only - not to be sent in the post!


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