Friday, November 26, 2010

Cross- hatching sketch done in the Via Roma, Padova (Italy) last week. Spent four lovely days just pottering and sketching. There are two squares side by side in the centre of this tiny medieval city, with markets that provide the local community with all their fruit, veg, fish, flowers and fresh herb needs and is probably in place for past 800 years or so. The second oldest university  in Europe (after Bologna) was founded in 1222, so I'm guessing the students might have been a bit peckish.
Traffic is not allowed in the city centre, so people travel on foot and by bike giving the visitor the sense of going back in time ...and it's very easy for the susceptible among us (read: me) to image cloaked figures stepping in and out of the porticos at night and bringing you back in time...  

1 comment:

  1. wonderful sketch suzanne you are so lucky to have had 4 days to enjoy sketching there husband went to university here :)


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