Sunday, December 5, 2010

In the Quakers garden

There is a Quaker House just around the corner from where I live. The building itself is beautiful and the gardens are immaculatley kept, yet there is a touch of wildness about the garden - the plants and trees can flourish here and show off their best. There is an alchemy between gardener and flora, both working together to create something magical. One of the bushes in the front sticks out through the fence and must  have got a bash - a small branch had broken off with some berries on it. So home it came with me and inspired this piece.

Watercolour on Cotman 140lb cold pressed paper.


  1. I like the gap which you use between the color and the drawing of origin. I also use it and I find that it gives a soft impression of double effect. That pleases me a lot. I also feel it in your washes which I like very much. Bravo!

  2. quakers house and garden sound fascinating suzanne the reds of the berries look beautiful with the mass of mutli-coloured foliage .

  3. Absolutely beautiful and so inspiring :0)


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