Sunday, September 25, 2011

Abstract leaves

This is wash number 97 for the 100 Washes Challenge. It's so hard to belive that I've done this amount of washes - in fact more if I include the ones that were ditched! For anyone interested in learning more about watercolour, doing washes is a great way to learn about this magical medium. Even though the seven of us on the 100 Washes Challenge will have completed it by October, I will continue to do washes. Aside from learning about your pigments, it's a great "loosener" before you start on the masterpiece ;O)

Painted wet-in-wet using indian yellow, alizaron crimson, burnt sienna and burnt umber and let the pigments run into each other. Once dry I went over again using the same colours and making the leaf shapes with my number 30 pointed brush. When still wet, I added some drops of thick burnt umber and watch the colour spread..


  1. Wonderful!! I like it. Ciao, Tito.

  2. Lovely work as always Suzanne. Just following up on your offer to contribute to the workshops in Dublin. It would be great to see you for one or two even. There are four in all including the first which will be on Sunday the 9th at 1pm at the Pearse museum. It will kick off with a presentation by Marcia the Brazilian artist about her work and art in Brazil generally, then we will talk about collaborating with attendees for a drawing session related to the theme of the exhibition Home, Home away from Home. Hopefully see you at the opening of the exhibition at 3pm in the Pearse museum on Saturday the 8th (day before) aswell.Workshops are free and collaborative.

  3. These leaves are absolutely glorious, Suzanne. They just sing with colour. Stunning.

  4. Just found your blog and am completely entranced by the beautiful, etheral quality of your work. Just wonderful.


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