Monday, October 31, 2011

100th Wash

My 100th wash!
There are six colours in this to represent each of the other "washer women"-
Dioxazine violet for Maggie
Quinacridone gold for Jane
Quinacridone red for Olivia
Cerulean blue for Vandy
Burnt sienna for Christy
Alizarin crimson for Theresa
On Arches 140lb CP paper.

After a year of washes, I've come to my 100th. It's been a fantastic journey, inspiring and delighting with six other like minded "washer women". I have learnt so much from you all and will keep following your blogs.
Thank you all



  1. CONGRATULATIONS # 100 Suzanne ! fantastic colourful lines how fitting with each colour suzanne ..thankyou ! ..hoping you would post today... hope your home is drying out slowly take care ...will enjoy following your blog .

  2. Suzanne, I posted this to the washes blog for you, as I have closed it for new posts......hope that was OK... Hope things are getting back to normal for you......

  3. I love the way you think....oh, and the way you paint!

  4. Suzanne, I love your "fresh and juicy" washes ... nothing compares to transparent watercolors ... they have "air"!!!
    It touched my heart to find my name on your list, "thank you"...
    Marcella Wheatley


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