Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hand studies

Homework for the drawing class I'm attending consisted of loads of self-directed work based on drawing from life, using either a sitter or yourself. It's difficult for anyone to sit for long, so working from myself, while a bit boring, was easier to set up than getting someone to sit for me. So the studies for a hand were my left hand, sometimes holding something which helps to create angles etc. Holding one hand still (and remembering the exact position!) while drawing with the other is an interesting process.

I used Arches 140lb cp paper, taped onto the table, then did the initial sketch lightly in pencil. The surface of watercolur paper is easily worn away by an eraser, so I went gently with the pencil and used a putty rubber to erase. I used the same technique as the last one with the watersoluable pen and washed over with a big brush of clean water.

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