Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Six Words..

On her blog, artist Donna Zagotta sets a challenge to describe your life as an artist, or your artisitc journey in six words. It hones the mind doesn't it?!

Mine is treasure I found in my backgarden. I've felt that since I took up pencil and brush just a few years ago, with one incredibly supportive loved-one shouting me on from the sidelines as I embarked on my artisitc journey.
Always telling myself that I could never "do art" because I hadn't studied it when I was younger, pencil and brush were firmly put away in heart and mind. But like toys in the nursery at night (I like to think) they'd creep out and play every now and again. When eventually I stopped putting them back in and let them out to play, I realised that it didn't matter what I told myself but this journey was, and is for me.
It's not an easy one, but it nourishes the mind with such beautiful problems to solve and nourishes the heart to express itself in colour, line, light and shadow. It will always be there and no matter what else happens in my life (house flooded, sickness, health) it is a refuge, a source of contentment, an expression of something deeper than day-to-day stuff. So for me, it'll always be treasure I found in my backgarden. 

How about you?


  1. Blimey! Six words. that really does take some thinking about.Like you, I had to put other 'stuff' before art but now, whoopee. I have been given such an opportunity and am loving every minute of it.Good for you for letting the brushes out to play.

  2. I love your concept of finding treasure in your own back garden. It's a perfect description.

    Having a supportive husband is a fabulous benefit too. I count myself lucky in that regard too. The only challenge is that he wants to keep everything I paint. :-)

  3. Your paintings are wonderful, Suzanne! I got inspired by your six word description and made one of my own. Thank you! Take a look at my blog!

  4. it's not easy in only 6 words .. keep hold of your treasure suzanne have a precious gift .


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