Monday, July 16, 2012

Rhodedendrons in May

Admittedly it's late to post a painting from May, when the wild rhodedendrons are in their full flush and littering the woods and hedgerows with their petals, but work got in the way over the past weeks. I was also getting ready for an exhibition with the 30 Artists group who had their 14th annual exhibition in the local Knox Hall in Monkstown.  
Regarded as an alien pest by many, the colour and delicacy of the wild rhodedendron petal is a bit special. Watercolour on Arches 140lb NOT paper, using dioxazine violet (regarded by many as a no-no)  and a mix of quinacridone gold and prussian blue for the green. 


  1. beautiful array suzanne the details on the leaves ..hope the joint exhibition went well suzanne

  2. What a glorious colour! It may well be an alien plant (and I know there are issues in that for native plants) but what a beautiful one. I've never tried quin gold and prussian combination. Will be doing so now. Great colour!


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