Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bindweed and lilac

.. aah the summer hedgerow, full of colour and a haven for small creatures and buzzing bees. This is from a sketch done near the Dart station near where I live. Watercolour on Arches NOT 140lb paper, using quinacridone gold + ultramarine blue for the green and gold, then alizarin crimson + dioxazine violet for the lilac blossom.


  1. that's drop-dead-gorgeous suzanne ☺
    keep up the great work,
    regards, daniela

  2. Having just spent a couple of hours getting rid of the bindweed in our garden I'm torn about this painting. The flowers are so pretty, and you've captured them beautifully, but they do take over so.

    Glorious painting, Suzanne.

  3. Beautiful glowy greens-thanks for sharing your color combo. I'm always trying for good greens. Nice painting Suzanne!

  4. Really do love the colours and textures in this. :)


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