Monday, November 26, 2012

Squares for Squares...

It's been over 2 and a half months since my last post, from this moment on I resolve to post at least once a month! No excuses really.

In late October last year, our house was flooded by a nearby stream after a phenomenal 24 hours rainfall. I mention that it's a stream, a gentle babbling brook, innocent and unthreatening. But the path of the stream had not been managed in many years and culverts were blocked, some by fallen walls and in other parts by metal grills. So with that and the unprecedented rainfall, the gentle babbling book turned into a torrent and went though our house. The ground floor of seven houses (ours included) and three businesses were destroyed and we stood in 3.5 feet of water for the night, until the council came and pumped it away. And so began the cleaning, and organising and planning with insurance, then builders. It took 3.5 months before we could move back in.

So during this time, my mother and 5 sisters got together to hatch a plan, as only women do.  They all knit, so they decided to knit us a blanket, each doing a few squares in whatever stitch and pattern they choose. The only instruction was that the yarn and needle size had to be same. The result was a most magnificent cream, cotton blanket with plan squares, ribbed squares, cables and posies all stitched together.. it is stunning and you could never buy something like it.

So during the year I hatched a plan to say thank you to each of them. I decided on a watercolour painting, about the same size as each knitted square, approx 10 x 10cm.

This is the first one, Autumn Leaves on Arches 140lb paper 10 x 10cm. I will post the rest every other day.


  1. wow, heavy news and biiiiig consequences, suzanne! but a gourgeous idea of your family women! (i'd actually love to see a pic of your blankie ☺)
    i'm looking forward to your next watercolour squares ☺
    love, dana

  2. The blanket sounds priceless! What a treasure! I'm glad you didn't have water damage this year, that would be too hard to bear again, I think. The painting is exquisite! I love the way your soft edges gradually fade toward the crisper ones. It's very pleasing to the eye. Nicely done!

  3. so delicate ... what a beautiful way to thank them all suzanne ...the blanket must be very special ... looking forward to seeing each one .

  4. what a great idea! Trading treasures for treasures. The leaves are beautiful! Glad you are high and dry now.

  5. Thank you Dana, Jane, Katherine and Kristy! I'll post a pic of the blanket too.

  6. Beautiful Suzanne, Love your style, can't wait to see all the squares. love,Diana


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