Thursday, February 14, 2013

Red Currants in July

From my stash of sketches from last summer, the mysterious red currant bush. It has the most lovely perfusion of leaves above and below, with stems intersecting through the middle, then here and there a gorgeous handful of berries shining in the summer sun.

They are spectacularly, eye-wateringly  bitter so best freeze them or eat them with heaps of strawberries and cream. Stored in the freezer, they're a delicious winter treat - with hot melted chocolate....

Initially a wash wet-in-wet (over a sketch) of quinacridone gold, quinacridone red and turquoise and let them run into one another. Once dry, I started to work into the negative spaces and kept working at layering the tones until I could do no more.

On Arches 140lb Hot pressed paper (not my favourite!)


  1. great colors and negative painting.

  2. the image is small suzanne but i love the colours in this one ..looks beautiful


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